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Heartwarming Children’s Books and Inspiring Women’s Poetry

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"Making a difference, one book at a time."
Sally M. Harris

Words to Touch Your Heart

Sally M. Harris lights a candle of hope and happiness in her readers’ hearts.  Her words help you live your best life, with positive concepts that reflect  creativity, fun, adventure and growth. – Rev. Lynn Osborne

 Sally’s children’s books are rhyming stories that inspire and delight the very young listener and early reader.

Her women’s book, Another Springtime, the Poetry of Life is not just for women!  For example, a surprise testimony from her friend who read the poem “Young Maiden” revealed how after 40 years, he finally realized how “dumping” his high school sweetheart had hurt her.

 The book explores the seasons of a woman’s life, from childhood to the golden years. Its words will speak to your heart and give you goose bumps…

Young readers at the Sequim Lavender Festival book signing

Featured Book

The Story

Kip the caterpillar loves to explore, but you can’t go fast when you move in slow motion. In his cozy cocoon, he dreams of flying. But is it only a dream? 

About The Caterpillar's Dream

The Caterpillar’s Dream is, of course, about the wonder of a caterpillar becoming a beautiful butterfly. But it’s really a story of adventure  and  transformation that demonstrates that things in life often change. Yet change can happen in a good way; opening a door to your dreams.

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